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French History

Though we do not know the precise history of nut wine, we do know that since the Middle Ages, nut wine has long been considered a medicinal product.


In France, nut wine has been a very old tradition of many French families in the countrysides rich in nuts. There, nut wine has been an old tradition of many French families, including ours, the Largillier family.

Family History

A History of Hybrids

Wine (in general) has been in our family for several generations. 

Having a family of 10 children, my parents loved this local summer tradition. It was often the youngest in the family who would search in the wine cellar for old nut wine bottles.

Pelican Recipe

Our family recipe is the “Pelican” recipe. “Pelican” was the name of my parents’ home (photo on the right), where this wine was made each year, and where it was passed from one generation to the next.

Our family recipe was enriched by the experience of Aunt Marie-Thérèse and Aunt Marie-Anne (photo on left), who knew how to perpetuate the tradition and master the know-how. Le Santenaire now has over half a century of experience to offer you the best selections of nuts and natural components.  


Development & Research

We add to this heritage a research and development program started in 1999, with an oenological laboratory since 2014, and with our family and shareholders to refine the recipe, especially towards a range of less sweet walnut wines, and towards new products. derivatives. Since 2016, we produce two different wines, the traditional and a semi-dry vintage that will be less sweet.

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