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First, our thanks

Before we talk about Le Santenaire's priority choice in quality organic products, we firstly want to thank our organic suppliers and farmers: organic nut supplier, winemaker, sugar supplier and alcohol maker.


Without their hard work, attention to nature and the product, Le Santenaire could not offer our clients the level of quality we desire. Cheers to you!

We offer a special thanks to our nut producer: (pictured above and here). Thank you for your quality work and care. It's a pleasure to work with you. We are also grateful for your generosity to let us visit your nut plantation and take these beautiful images for our website. We are happy to work with you.


Certified Organic

Being an old and traditional product, we decided to select only "organic" components: true to the tradition and better for your health and enjoyment.

Our product is 100% natural and organic, based on organic nuts, organic alcohol, organic sugar and organic wine. We are certified by Ecocert.


From ingredients to conservation


The quality of nut wine depends on the quality of each of its components, the care taken in the production process, the process itself, and the breeding conditions.

All our bottles are sealed with premium quality smooth mirror cork, chosen for its aging ability.

Our natural cork stoppers are carefully selected, the same ones that are used by vintage wines that can age in bottles up to ten or twenty years.



Unlike natural sweet wines and other common aperitifs, nut wine is consumed like a good old wine. A deposit is natural and normal. The bottle must therefore be handled with care, because the dispersion of the deposit in the contents of the bottle affects its taste quality.

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